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Rev. Ron Williams

Rev. Ron Williams is a native of Washington, D.C. He is a product of the DC school system. He has studied at the University of Maryland Overseas Extension School, Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary, and Spartanburg Technical College.

He joined the military in 1968 and was honorably retired in 1993. He worked as a Parole Drug Case Manager with the Texas Department of Corrections for 5 years. He worked for and retired from the Social Security Administration as a Claims Representative in 2014. Rev. Ron assists veterans with getting their VA benefits in his spare time.

Rev. Ron joined the church as a child and accepted Christ as his personal savior in 1981. He answered his call to the Gospel ministry in 1984 and preached his initial sermon on August 30, 1987. Rev. Ron was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the Ordaining Counsel of the Gloryland Baptist Church in Houston, TX on September 29, 1996. He has served as a pastor and has carried the Gospel message nationally and internationally.

Rev. Ron is a member of the Concord Baptist Church where he serves as an Associate Minister under the Pastoral Leadership of Dr. Michael A. Bridges.

Rev. Ron’s favorite scripture is John 9:25: He answered and said, “Whether He is a sinner or not I do not know. One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.” His favorite saying is, “Hold the Light.”